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Features of Colorimeter and Spectrophotometer
2017-11-16 11:36:16

Features Comparison of Colorimeter and Spectrophotometer

Colorimeters(NR serials,NH serials)

1.Use tristimulus values principle.

Human eyes are identify the color which is based on different wavelengths of light,and the visible spectrum of the visible spectrum that people can perceive is mostly composed of three basic colors: red, green and blue.The so-called "three stimulus" refers to the quantitative expression of the human eye's stimulus to the three primary colors.

Ordinary colorimeter on the market is the use of this principle, according to the object in the visible spectrum of different reflectivity and with reference to the corresponding wavelength of the tristimulus function, then will get the tristimulus values. By tristimulus values you can get the ratio of various primary colors and also will understand the color of the object.


This type of colorimeter can give the color difference between the standard object and sample object, and the price is relatively low.

A. less accurate

B. Single function:can only test the color differce Delta E value,the absolute coordinate space(L,A,B) is not accurate.

C. The difference between colorimeters produced by different companies or the different model of colorimeters produced by the same company will be biased, and the deviation will increase over time.

D. Unable to conduct data exchange with others, unable to establish and manage corresponding standard database

Spectrophotometer(YS Serials,NS serials)

1. Spectrometric illumination princple

Tspectrophotometric method is to measure the spectral reflectance of the object at each wavelength or in each narrow wavelength range. The instrument's microcomputer then calculates the tristimulus values from the spectral reflectance data by performing integration


A.variety of light sources can be simulated

B.Can measure the "reflectivity curve" of each color point

C.Compared withcolorimeters, the function is more comprehensive(color fastness,color strength,whiteness,yellowness etc) and the measurement is more stable and accurate


In addition to the working principle is different, the measuring accuracy of spectrophotometers and function is also associated with many other factors, such as: the difference of the light source, integral ball diameter size, integral ball inside coating material, precision grating, grating spectral intervals, optical signal amplification degree and so on.




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