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Operation notice for light box
2017-10-27 15:39:24

Operation notice for light box

1. How to prolong lamp life?

Life cycle of tubes is mainly determined by cumulative usage time and opening times. For example, if daily using time is long and the tubes are opened and switched frequently, then the lamp life will be short. When need to repeat use in an hour, please do not turn off and turn it on again and again. Because lightening a lamp one time is equivalent to continuous use it one hour. If you don’t need to use it for a long time, please turn off the light box in time. When it’s not necessary to use, please avoid switching repeatedly from different light sources for prolong lamp life.

2. Where to buy new lamps and other special light sources when lamp ageing?

The lamps and bulbs used in standard color light box are certificated special light sources which are different with civil light sources. Therefore, you should buy from specialized dealers when the accessories need to be replaced. Our company provides varies standard light box accessories and special light sources.

3. How to clean light box inner wall when it’s dirtied?

If light box inner wall and baseboard have stains such as dust or fingerprint, you can use a white soft cloth dipped with some water to wipe it gently. Do not clean it by hard scratch or by chemicals in order to avoid damaging light absorption part of light box inner wall.

Important Notice

For safety’s sake, the light box must be adequately grounded.

The voltage of this product is switchable from 110V to 220V.But the voltage button must be in accordance with the local voltage,Otherwise the light box will burn off!