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Join Investment
2017-08-23 00:04:10
3nh Mode: Based on Customer Requirement, Insist on Continuous Innovation, Contribute to Win-Win Cooperation.

In order to better serve the market, we insist on promoting product R&D procedure on demands of customers to continuously innovate technology, products, solutions and marketing management. We not only sell the products, but also promote innovative technologies, services and modes that allow customers and partners have access to the largest value in any market environment.
Channel marketing is a very important link for 3nh. Meanwhile, we are taking a standardized marketing operation, creating value for customers, providing excellent professional service, rejecting low quality and worthless products and avoiding disorderly market to achieve a win-win-win situation for 3nh, authorized distributors and customers.

Advantages to Join 3nh

3nh provides high-quality products and attractive joining policies as well as careful planning. 3nh has learned a lot of successful experience and lessons from international and domestic industries in every detail. Joining 3nh will not only get access to the higher discount products, but also obtain higher-level services and franchises. Meanwhile, you can integrate into 3nh’s management and culture and apply them to the marketing.

Why need to attract investment?
Some may ask: such a good product, why need to attract investment?
We have fully analyzed the marketing rules of actual case, market phenomenon and marketing data. Because of good products and unique innovative technology, we have a very high success rate in each market competition. But the focus of the distributor is different. Their customer base and service area are also different. Although there are overlapping parts, they have their own core customers. Attracting investment in sub-region and sub-industry is where 3nh and distributors share profits.

Target Group
The target group includes those who have certain influence in industry, have its own sales team, marketing network, unique sales mode, regional advantages and loyal customers. Meanwhile, we also welcome the distributors of competitor and the agents of related products to contact us!

In short, investment and join are inseparable. Our investment is targeted which cannot be blind to dream of a clean sweep of all fish. Only choose the appropriate partner and cooperate in good faith can bear the fruits of success. Our investment is not just to make up the number or just an enclosure movement, and certainly it’s not to make vicious competition between the distributors, but to provide service in the sales of the products and the markets.
Join Hotline: 400-033-2311
Email: angelya@3nh.com