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3nh Camera Check Cabinet / Transmission light box

3nh Camera Check Cabinet / Transmission light box CC5100/CC3100

Brand:3nh Made In China

Lamp Temperature:5100K/3100K

Dimension(cm):38.5W*34H*15Dcm 4:3 or 16:9

Camera Check Cabinet CC5100/CC3100 a special light source for camera test. It can meet the requirements: High-level lighting homogeneity and Continuous Light Intensity Adjustment, etc.




Light source:

5100K(5100K±200k) *4,

3100K(3100K±200k) *4



Luminous Source:

100 ~ 4400cd/m2 adjustable


250 ~ 10000Lux adjustable

Power supply:

AC230V 50/60HZ

Lighting method:

High Frequency lighting method 20KHz

Operating temperature:


Operating humidity:

Below 80%(avoid dew)

Major diameter dimension:


Luminance plane dimension:


Light Box Maintenance

a. one year warranty (except artificial damage and lamp aging)

b. Replace it in case the internal wall of lamp cabinet is dirties. Replace it in case lamp works over-normal time or its ends are blackened. We can provide various standard fittings all year round. (Note: Fittings shall comply with relevant standard).

Operating Instruction

a. Connect the power source. Before using, please connect the correct power source with light box.

b. Press ON/OFF key

c. Rotate the adjustable switch to adjust the brightness according to the requirement.Clockwise light source dimming, anti clockwise light source dimming

d.After finish testing,press ON/OFF key

Attention before using T90-7 camera check cabinet