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CC120 Hanging color assessment cabinet

CC120 Hanging color assessment cabinet

Brand: TILO Made in China

Light sources:D65, D65&D50, D65&D50&U30

Version:1 light source,2 light sources,3 light sources

Hanging color assessment cabinet is widely applies to printing industry, furnishings and color matching of the printing ink industry etc.. It is a necessity for those industry to control the colors and qualities of products. This Color Viewer supplies D65, D50,U30 light sources. This machine was controlled by microcomputer, which allows the rapid conversion between each light source. The color light box also had the function of display the running time of each light source.

Light source

In different condition, the object may present different spectrum with same color. Our vision result of the colors will be differently, thereby it will affect us to judge the color accurately by our naked eyes. While according to our customers demand, the Color Viewer ,which is the international standard, can provide the right light source you need when you check the colors, such as D65,D50,TL84,UV,U30,CWF etc.. The life-span of lamp depends on the accumulated running time and the turn-on times. When the lamp becomes aging, light instability or the two sides turn black, please replace the lamp timely, otherwise, the checking result will be affected.

Product features:

1. Aluminum alloy section,Streamlined Desighn,elegant appearance,

2. Openable uniform light cover plate,easy to change the lamps

3. There have the lifting hooks on the light box and the bearing steel chain can be suspended directly from the hanging or mounted on the platform

4. The light souce in line with ISO3664 international standard

5. Easy to operate by using individual switches for each light source.

6. Elapsed time meter for tracking optimal lamp replacement


Light Source


D65 & D50

D65 & D50 & U30


D65 6500K 36W 4pcs

D65 6500K 36W 4pcs D50 5000K 36W 4pcs

D65 6500K 36W 4pcs

D50 5000K 36W 4pcs

TL84 4000K 36W 4pcs


AC220V 50HZ

AC220V 50HZ

AC220V 50HZ

Size (cm)





1. Choose straight haning or tilted hanging installation,determine the right installation location

2. Install ③ on the hanging,ensure it is fixed safelyRotate the 2 to the riveting nut on the back

3. Rotate the ② to the riveting nut on the back of ①

4. Confirm the height of the hanging box,usually the distance between the lamp to the oberservation table is 110cm+/-10cm.

5. Determine the length of ④wire rope according to height and make the loop

6. Hanging:One end of the wire rope knots ② and the other end knots ③,ensure the light box is balanceable and stable.

7. Connect the power cord and turn on the switch,then finish the installation.

Attention before using T90-7 camera check cabinet