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Why we need to use color assessment cabinet?
2017-10-30 18:02:45

Why we need to use color assessment cabinet to check the color?

Color Assessment Cabinet, suitable for all industries and applications where there is a need to maintain color consistency and quality-e.g. Automotive, Ceramics, Cosmetics,Foodstuffs,Footwear, Furniture,Knitwear,Leather,Ophthalmic,Dyeing, Packaging, Printing, Inks and Textile.

Since different light source has different radiant energy, when they arrive on the surface of an article, different colors display. With regard to color management in industrial production, when a checker has compared the color consistence between products and examples, but there may exis difference between light source used here and light source applied by the client. In such condition, color under different light source differs. It always brings following issues:Client makes complaint for color difference even requires for rejection of goods,seriously damaging company credit.

To resolve the above problem, the most effective way is to check good color under same light source. For example,international practice applies Artificial Daylight D65 as standard light source for checking goods color.

It's very important to use standard light source to check color difference in night duty.

Besides D65 light source, TL84, CWF, UV, and F/A light sources are available in this Lamp Cabinet for metamerism effect.